General Program Questions

The Embrace the Trace™ program is a privacy focused contact tracing solution that allows individuals and gathering places to receive timely notification from verified Public Health Authority Contact Tracers in the event of exposure. Our patent-pending program asks for the least amount of personal information to sign up and makes it easy for everyone to participate.

The Embrace the Trace program enables Public Health Authority contact tracers to timely notify individuals and Gathering Places of potential COVID-19 exposure. This notification allows individuals and Gathering Places to take appropriate action to reduce the spread of the virus to others.

No, this program provides critical support for contact tracers. The program provides a way for contact tracers to be more efficient and effective in identifying and notifying individuals exposed to COVID-19.

Public Health Authorities include local, county, state, federal and tribal public health agencies, and anyone acting under a grant of authority from a public health agency.

Contact tracers are hired by Public Health Authorities to reduce the spread of COVID-19. They are tasked to identify and notify those who have been identified as COVID-19 contacts, communicate quarantine requirements and provide support services as needed.

A Gathering Place is any place where people gather such as a business, shop, faith-based organization, hospital and event location.

Minors ages 13-17 can participate with parent or legal guardian sign up. Individuals ages 18 and over can sign up on their own. If you have a need to sign up minors under the age of 13 please contact us at to discuss options.

If you would like additional information on the Embrace the Trace Program, please contact us at 1-833-379-8722 (For Public Health Authorities and contact tracers press 1) or you can email us at

Individual Participant Questions

If you have not received any emails from the Embrace the Trace program please check your email’s SPAM box to make sure the email did not get filtered into the wrong inbox. The system emails will be coming from If you still haven’t received anything, please attempt to sign up again or contact Embrace the Trace Customer Service at

If you have not received any emails from the Embrace the Trace program please check to make sure your emails did not go into the SPAM box. The system emails will be coming from Please attempt to sign up again or contact Embrace the Trace Customer Service at

Please send an email to You have 30 days from the date of sign up to opt out.

The code you are using may not be one that is registered with the program. To obtain a new QR code please sign up again.

You can add your dependents by signing up again. If you choose to do this, your current QR code will be deactivated and you will receive new ones for yourself and your dependent(s).

You can opt out of the program at anytime by sending an email from the email address you signed up with to with your request. We will send you a confirmation email once your request was received.

Scan data is only shared with verified Public Health Authority contact tracers for the purposes of contact tracing. We do not share this information with individuals, Gathering Places or any other 3rd party entities.

Save your QR code somewhere that you can easily reference multiple times a day:

  • Save the QR code on your smartphone, to your favorite or a location that is easily accessible
  • Print it on a piece of paper or sticker
  • Save it on your smartphone
  • Print it and put it in a plastic badgeholder so you can clip to your bag or wear on a lanyard
  • Laminate the QR code and save it in your wallet

No, you will not receive any spam mail. We do not send unnecessary information or sell or participants data for marketing purposes.

No, we will not sell your data for any purpose to anyone.

The program does not track you or use any tracking mechanisms such as Bluetooth, wifi, NFC or your cell phone to monitor your movements/locations. You decided where and when by scanning in/out at participating locations.

No, our program does provide scan data to anyone, but authorized Public Health Authority contact tracers signed up with our program.

Gathering Place Questions

Hardware: Any tablet device or smartphone that can connect to the latest version web browser. If you are using unattended stations you will need a power source for charging devices and wall or desk mounts for the stations. We also recommend following guidance on ADA compliance for tablet kiosks. Here is an article that may be useful,

Software: The operator app runs on a Progressive Web Application, be sure to check your devices are running on a modern web browser on a compatible operating system.

Recommended browser by operating system:

  • Apple products – Safari
  • Android / Linux – Chrome
  • Windows – Edge or Chrome

Note – Firefox is compatible for all but iOS devices

Please close out of the device and try to open it again. If this does not resolve the issue we suggest you restart your device and then call customer support if the problem persists.

Public Health Authority Questions

A report will provide a list of email addresses and/or phone numbers (depending on what the individual provided when registering) for all scans during a given timeframe. The report will contain the following fields: individuals email or phone, date/time scanned in, date/time scanned out and the gathering place name/id.

If you need to request a scan report please reach out to Embrace the Trace Program Support at and provide the following information in your request:

Individual Identifier: (Email address or Phone Number)

Date Rage:


Once the report has been pulled, it will be uploaded into the Embrace the Trace secure portal for you retrieval. 

Keep in mind your Public Health Authority must be registered in order to receive data. If not, enrollment information will be provided to get signed up with the program.

You can contact our support department directly at and request enrollment information to provide your Public Health Authority or have your Public Health Authority Supervisor contact the support department directly to receive enrollment information.

In order to receive data your Public Health Authority will need to sign up for the program and someone will need to authorize you as contact tracer. Only authorized contact tracers can request data on participating individuals or gathering places.

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